old bug, effects jump to 100% on ifcp x-fader

nighteyesnighteyes Registered User
noticed this bug also present in hog3 software for some time now. It is still present on the hog 4.


i generally like to have some pan and tilt effect running on faders that are set as ifcb crossfaders. this means i can adjust the size of the effect live, and use the effect rate for speed adjustments.

i also sometimes make live adjustment to color pallettes. for example, to make a change in a base color that is use in chases. So what i would normally do, is go to blind mode, select my fixtures, select a color pallette and merge that into my base color palette.

What happens is that all the effects that are running on the ifcb faders, go to 100%. Not the fader itself goes to 100%, but the effect that runs there acts as if it were. I have to bring the fader down and up again to get it to size down again.

I have managed to reproduce the error starting from a clean show. Here are the steps needed to reproduce the bug:

1 patch some fixtures. Anything that has pan til movement will do.
2 create a tilt effect with a size of 100.
3 make the fader where it is recorded an ifcb crossfader.
4 open the output window and set the fader to a small percentage, so you can clearly see the difference when it goes to 100%

5 use the fixtures to record 2 different color pallettes. this will not yet create the bug.
6 the blind mode wont make a difference so i'm skipping it here
7 select the fixtures and the first color pallette, and merge that into the second color pallette.
8 nothing happens right?
9 record the fixtures and the second color pallette into a qlist anywhere. This will make the second pallette 'in use'. that qlist does not have to be started.
10 now try step 7 again: select the fixtures and merge the first color into the second pallete and watch the output from the effect
11 it should go to 100%

weird huh?
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