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Hi There.

Kind of my first foray into all the networking malarky...

I have a job coming up whereby I will be using both an Avolites AI T4 and a Madrix at the same time. The Madrix will be running on a laptop. BOth servers I intend to control from the RH4

My question is how to connect these both to the Road Hog4. Will I need an ethernet switch? Or does the Hog 4 have 2 ethernet outputs? The reason I ask is that the RH4 is not at my location and the first time I will have used it will be 5 days before the event.

I'm a seasoned Hog III op but have never had to mess around with networking before.

One other question is does anyone know if the AI T4 personality is in the crrent Fix lib?

Any help would be appreciated!!

Many thanks



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Hey Jools,

    you need a switch, connect the switch to the Fixturelink-Port of the RH4
    Setup Artnet IP adresses on all systems, and configure the Artnet Outputs to your universes.

    AI Version 7 uses the same lib like a catalyst layer (40ch Version of the AI V7)
    Version 6 lib is also in the library.
  • joolsmeisterjoolsmeister Registered User
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    Ok. Cool

    I spoke to AI a couple of months ago and they mentioned about possibly using the Catalyst lib ( on another desk ) due to issues I encountered using another console with the T4. Hopefully it has rectified the issues.

    I may post again for more detailed advice when it comes to ip's etc.

    Thank you so much!!

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