wish list

tonyvision1111tonyvision1111 Registered User
1. "tap sync" working for chases not connected to physical masters. (cuelist set as chase recorded to a virtural wing (playback bar); touch playback bar cuelist to choose and tap sync with the Main Go.

2. "tap sync" Effects. I've not seen a board that can do this. An example, record a icpb cuelist with sine wave on Int with offset and size, fader still acts as a size master, playback go button acts as a "tap sync" for speed.

3. paths or curves available on flash buttons. Sometimes I don't want my flash to be so bold, particularly with LED. I wish I could set a sine wave to it so it ramps in and out with a softer look. Also, I do love a flash master, perhaps be able to record global flash size into scenes directory.

4. direct touch pallettes option. No need to select group then pallette, just hit pallet and there you go.
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