Filter Errors

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Is there something to clear the errors? What funtion in the fixture actually "senses" the issue? Is there an airflow sensor somewhere that could be dirty? I replaced all filters and am still getting the errors .... can't seem to figure out why it's happening and it's annoying. DL3f with newest software.


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    Are you at a high altitude. I have had issues with dl2s in locations like Colorado.
  • stephenwykerstephenwyker Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Nope... NYC.
  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Stephen,

    There are few things to check if you continue to get filter errors:

    1) We have seen filters with collapsed pleats in the HEPA element which trigger false filter errors. We test them all in the factory to try to avoid any of these getting to customers, but it is a possibility. If you haven't already, try a few different filters with the fixture.

    2) The head card does the actual "sensing" of the filter condition. If something has gone wrong with the fan circuitry in the head card it will trigger false errors. Try swapping head cards with a known working fixture.

    3) Make sure both blower fans are running properly. The head card requires a good tach signal coming from the fans to measure the status of the filter correctly. Ensure that both fans are plugged in and running. If swapping the filter/head card hasn't solved the issue, try swapping the fans as well. We have seen fans that don't send a proper tach signal (even though the fan is spinning properly) which will cause false errors.

    Hope this helps,
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