Bug Report: v1.1.3 b352 Direct Entry of Encoder FX Values

mjmaltbiemjmaltbie Registered User
Just discovered this bug. I have been able to replicate it on my PC as well. I don't think this is by design.

Hog 4 Console Running V1.1.3 b352

Steps to replicate the issue:

Record a cue with moving lights running the circle effect. Open the cue in the blind editor, select your lights, press effect, hold set and touch the effect size toolbar window and type a new effect size, hit enter. You will see all functions in the Effect Engine start a sine effect at varying sizes. I understand that the fx size toolbar defaults to the ALL row of the FX engine, but if I type a value in the size column of the spreadsheet it does not start a sine on all functions.



  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, HES Staff
    edited April 2013

    This is NOT new to the Hog 4, this also occurs on the Hog 3.
    When you open the cue also open the FX engine, you will notice that ALL is selected.
    If you just click on the parameter you wish to change then do the direct entry you will only change that value.
  • mjmaltbiemjmaltbie Registered User
    edited April 2013
    Hey Michael,

    I understand that, but am I wrong in thinking that the direct entry of the value, should do the same thing as moving the encoder? In the same scenario detailed above if you spin the fx size encoder it does not tell all functions to start a sine fx.
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