H4 Connectivity Driver issue

Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
Hog4 1.1.3 b352
Win7 PC running WYG

I've found that if you have H4PC installed on the same computer as WYG and the HogNet Adapter settings are bound to the WiFi adapter, but WYG is connected to the console via RJ-45 adapter the two will not connect.

This occurs even if H4PC is not running, and the only "enabled" adapter on the PC is the RJ-45 LAN.

As soon as I go back and change the HogNet Adpater settings in H4PC the connection happens with no issue.

Completely reproducable.

A long standing request of mine is to have the same HogNet Adapter setting as H4PC available in the Connectivity Driver window to allow users to bind to the proper adapter more easily.

Any chance we can add this feature to avoid this issue?


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