road hog 4 to Wysiwyg issues

mwedesignsmwedesigns Registered User
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got the desk talking to wyg but when its connected the rig in wyg goes nuts almost like in the real world you have dmx issues or a wrong patch

nothing is patched in the desk as yet (going nuts anyway ) tried patching to see if it did anything sadly not

anyone ever had this have any ideas what it is

Mark W-E


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    If you have DMX universes + addresses assigned in WYG, but not on the console you might see some strange things.
    Did you patch the whole rig or only a part of it?
    Also be sure you have "bound" the correct universes on the virtual DP-8000 in WYG. If bound to the wrong port you will definitely see strange behavior.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • mwedesignsmwedesigns Registered User
    edited March 2013
    yes to all of above all bound correctly , its really odd as its a file i have use on a hog3

    i have now tried every option i can think of
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Are you using a Mac or PC?
    Do you have Hog III PC installed on the Wyg computer also?
    Is your Wyg computer opening the connectivity driver..?

    In Wyg are adding a "Wholehog DP-8000" or "Full Boar" as the selected console? I have found you can sometimes get one working if the other doesn't?

    Wyg Settings as Marty has said chould include.
    Address 1
    Universes need to be bound as required.

    Best C
  • mwedesignsmwedesigns Registered User
    edited March 2013
    i am on a mac but running as a pc (win7)
    opens all windows as you would expect connects to the show file and all that it goes mad when you get it to connect in devices on wyg .

    i am using the dp8k option will give the full boar option a go later

    got a feeling might need to go in and unpatch the wyg file and start again as it there could be something in there from when i used to connect via artnet with my old desk (not a hog) its the only thing i think it could be

    thanks for you help will report back
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