selection blind mode / non blind mode. BUG?

JayJayJayJay Registered User, Hog Beta
Hey Guys

I have a cuelist running on cue1 (choosen master).
I want to select all fixtures with color 1 in cue 2 (but cue 2 is NOT running).

in NONE BLIND mode:
i select CUE 2 - COPY - ENTER .... LIVE - COLOR 1 - ENTER

All is good.

in BLIND mode:
i select BLIND - CUE 2 - COPY - ENTER .... LIVE - COLOR 1 - ENTER

Only a few of my expected fixtures are selected.

Is that a bug or am i doing something wrong?

and happy easter



  • JayJayJayJay Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited April 2013
    Nobody tried it out?
  • Buzz313thBuzz313th Registered User
    edited April 2013
    I just tried it out...

    And I see what your saying..

    It's not a bug as the live/color1/enter syntax is only suposed to select what is live onstage or being seen on the output window. It works in non blind mode because the programmer is "Live", but as soon as you goto blind mode, the programmer is no longer "Live" and the /Live/color2/enter/ syntax will sellect the fixtures in the programmer that are currently "live" (from cue 1) using the color1 palette.

    So in a nutshell everything is working as it was designed......

    Now, I see your goal here.. and that is to be able to sellect and edit descretely (in blind mode) a set of fixtures in a cue that is not yet being played back that is using a specific color palette. I just spent a couple minutes infront of the desk trying to figure out how to do it and haven't been able to come up with a solution.

    Will report back if I stumble across a specific workflow and syntax.
  • Buzz313thBuzz313th Registered User
    edited April 2013
    Unless I'm mistaken, it can't be done without manually sellecting the fixtures in the blind programmer that contain reference to color1 and thats really time consuling especially if you have scattered fixtures with color1.

    So here is a feature request that hopefully HES will consider...

    The "Live" Operator allows us to choose and select from what is onstage or live. If we had a "Blind" operator that would allow us to select from what is in the programer in a "blind" state, then we could quickly select using palettes and intensities from the blind programer allowing us to discretely select and edit like we do with the Live operator. Since the pig+live keys are taken, maybe HES would consider adding this function to a new softkey on the primary screen next to the "Sellect" softkey, or better yet, add it to the softkeys within the select softkey, like next to "odd", "even", invert etc...

    Whatcha think?
  • JayJayJayJay Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited April 2013
    yeah i agree with you.
    but why not making 2 kinds of blind like MA does.
    A short push on the blind sets the console to the normal blind mode and a long term press sets it to the blind edit programmer with flashing blind-LEDs.
    So everything you do in blind mode is covered in its own programmer while in that mode.

    If somebody finding a workaround than please let us know.
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