NEED HELP ASAP!!!Library Issue with Elation LED Spot Pro

lainer3lainer3 Registered User
I recently bought 4 Elation LED Spot Pros and having an issue with the library. The Beam directory only shows 7 gobos but it has 14. When I click on Gobo 1 both wheels load in but are not center. They are half in. I manually clicked on the gobos and was load them in. Not sure what is going on.

Looking for all the help I can get at this moment:



  • ArnieCeArnieCe Registered User
    edited March 2013
    Maybe you should specify what kind of lamp you are talking about?! Even on Elation's website there are some different LED Spots with the labeling "Pro"...
    Basically you can edit the lib file for your spots with the fixture builder. The way I would do is to create a new one by using "create from existing". (For that you must have at least one of the "wrong" fixtures in your show.) Than you can easily edit the DMX ranges and add new gobos.
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