Bug 1.1.2: IPCB Fader kills Intensities immediately when fading down from 100%

rolfwenzelrolfwenzel Registered User, Hog Beta
System: Hog 4PC 1.1.2
Hardware: Hog 4 Nano + 2 x Hog 3 Playback Wing
OS: Windows XP


this bug is floating around for a longer time (already in Hog3) and happens also on Hog4, not only PC:


BB4s in show and one fader on the page with all BB4 Intensity only as HTP.
Another Fader is set as IPCB Fader and includes Intensity of one BB4 and Color of this BB4 in white.

HTP Fader #2 of all BB4 is at 0.
Right now fading the IPCB Fader (#10) manually to 100% let everything act as it should.
Pulling the IPCB fader down will kill the Intensity of the BB4 immediately when leaving 100% (means at 99) with zero seconds.

This happens to all Fixtures from Desk Channels to Moving Lights or whatever.

If there is a Cuelist on a fader with Intensity on the same page (Anyway if HTP or not) the IPCB Fader will show this behavior.

This show was built from scratch with the most actual library, means no old converted show.

If this is too confusing, let me know, then I will upload the show for better understanding.




  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited March 2013
    Hey Rolf Buddy,

    i have shown this at LDI direct to developers, also reported it several times and send a showfile to Chris, Robbie and Michael.
    It seems to be logged, Eli told me it should be easy to fix, but still it is not :-(

    This bug is there since years!!!

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