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Jpowell82Jpowell82 Registered User
Ok so I've done this before on gMA desk and though I'm fairly new with the hog OS I'm in love. The interface is much more user friendly and after receiving the FB4, I was blown away. But enough ass kissing, here's what I wanna do. It's simple.

I have a cue list set to one of my faders with a stack of strobe cues set at different rates so that as you punch through it builds up the speed and ends on a cue that blasts them into a ramp down effect. Easy, effective but what I want is a fader next to the cue on my page to control the rate of the strobes so essentially I can just have two cues in the stack and two faders to control intensity and rate. So that I'll have one list with "strobe" and "blast". When I'm in strobe cue I can use one fader for intensity and one for strobe rate. But when I hit the next and only other cue it triggers my ramp down effect and fades them out when the beat drops. I know this is easy I just need someone to point me in the right direction as to where I can set different parameters to the faders instead of just intensity. Sorry for the remedial question and thanks HES community.


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Bit different to MA here:

    Make 2 cues and 2 faders:

    Cue 1 : Only the intensity of your strobes in it at 100%
    Cue 2: only the rate of your strobes in at the max. rate

    Go to Cuelist-Options:
    Cue 1 set to HTP or Faderoptions: crossfade IPCB
    Cue 2 set to faderoptions: crossfade IPCB
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
    edited March 2013
    Just clarify a bit.

    Cuelist 1 on a Fader with 1 cue in it. (Intensity)
    Cuelist 2 on another Fader with 1 cue in it. (Rate)
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited March 2013
    Thanks for that.... Was not totally clear what i wrote....
  • Jpowell82Jpowell82 Registered User
    edited March 2013
    Ah yeah... IPCB faders. As in intensity position color and beam paramaters.. duh..Yes thank you gentlemen..I was definitely headed in the right path just didn't know how to set it up. Thanks again.
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
    edited March 2013
    And make sure when you record each cue that the intended parameter is the only thing you have touched/changed in the programmer.

    I recommend you make the Intensity Fader first and once that is working you use it to turn the intensity on so you can set and record the Rate fader.
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