Kind Mask

foxriderfoxrider Registered User, Hog Beta

would like to request for an option to omit attributes using kind mask.
For example:

I've selected a fixture and adjusted the Pan/Tilt, Gobo, Zoom and Focus values. I only want to record a palette with only Pan/Tilt, Focus and Zoom values. I would like to be able to select Pos & Beam kind mask and then choose Gobo (Only Gobo attributes) kind mask to omit Gobo values from storing into my new palette. I find that this can be very helpful when we have lots of attributes activated and we need to omit one or two attributes in our storing.

A way to do it might be having an option of selecting the kind mask with 1 push and omitting the kind mask with 2 pushes and maybe it could be highlighted in red in the omit mode.
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