Hog IPC shuts off when front door closed

jgass13jgass13 Registered User
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I have a Hog IPC running the latest software and recently we have been having an issue that when the front arm rest door is closed the whole console shuts off. We have tried tapping/pushing on every part of the console but nothing happens until the front door is closed. Has anyone else ever had this happen?


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
    edited February 2013
    If this happens when the drawer is shut, it could possibly be a power cable, one of the cables coming from the power supply. If one of these has a loose conductor it can cause this behavior. You can try looking at each power connector and pull gently on each conductor going into the rear of the connectors. If one is loose and doesn't have a good crimp, that could be it. Of course there may be other causes. Sometimes something that seems completely unrelated can be the source of the problem.

    What happens if the console is started up with the armrest already closed, does it still have problems or does it boot up properly? There may be a ground issue somewhere possibly.
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