Hog IPC v3.2.5 Group Master Fader Bug?

g.burrowsg.burrows Registered User
Hi there,

Recently I was using an IPC on an outdoor event. I had a bunch of front light recorded into some of my cues at 100%, and had a group master assigned to a fader for that group of front light so i could ride the values throughout the show (as it was an outdoor event this was req.). One big bug i noticed was that when switching pages, any group masters i had, would push that group to 100% when i was on any page other than the one the group master was on, and when i returned to the page with the group master, the value would return to fader value.

Im not sure if this is something im doing wrong, but as far as i can tell its not. All the other cuelists hold over, and remember their fader values just fine. Its only the group masters that do this.

Any help would be appreciated



  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited March 2013
    Hi Greg, one thing you can try is using a Template Page if there are enough faders for you. Create a blank page and record only the Group Masters to it. In the Page Directory, select SET CURRENT PAGE AS TEMPLATE. Now the Group Masters will always be there on any page. If on another page you need a cuelist where there is a Group Master, you can record over the Group Master. If a page already has something in the same position as the Template Page, the current page will have priority and the list recorded to that page will be in the fader position.
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