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ken1015ken1015 Registered User
HI I'm in truble...
I buy a new xps15 .win7 system..I install new hog4 release 337.
and I can't work with nano wing..but it can work with super wedget.
so I follow release note to upload and uninstall nano in device manneger.
I try many times and that is field..
so I reinstall can I reinstall work everything no work
someone can help me
sorry my english is verypool..
hope you will understand ..

thanks :(


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    We are working on a patch for the Nano wing right now. In the mean time we can get your NanoWing to work on the current v1.1.1 release by doing the following procedure. Please read carefully as this is different from the technical note:

    1) Ensure the USB connection of the Hog 4 Nano Wing is connected to your Windows PC and that the power connection of the wing is also plugged in.
    2) On the desktop of your computer locate the “Computer” icon
    3) Right click on the “Computer” icon and select “manage”. This will open a new window
    called “Computer Management”.
    4) Click on “device manager” (this is on left hand side of the window)
    5) Look in the right hand pane of the Computer Management window for “High
    End Hog4 Nano Wing” listed under HES Widgets.
    6) If you don’t see “High End Hog4 Nano Wing” listed then look for “unknown” in the list. (the unknown device should stand out because it will be listed a yellow exclamation point)
    7) Right click on the unknown device and select “update driver software...”
    8) Then select "browse my computer for driver software"
    9) Then select "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer"
    10) Look in the list for "High End Hog4 Nano Wing"
    11) Click next and the driver should now load.
  • ken1015ken1015 Registered User
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    hi chris
    I try again letter .
    thanks for your reply
  • ken1015ken1015 Registered User
    edited February 2013
    it can work now..
    but sometimes hog pc will crashed...
    when I turn the cue list wheel rate. and the rate will stop..I don't know why.
    but I can control now..
    thanks chris..
    I can go to sleep now.
    I will test after I get up.
    thank you very much
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