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My FQ-100 seems to have contracted the fog machine virus. Two days ago, Friday, the machine was working perfectly (I was using manual output). It did its job. Now, I let the machine go through it's warm up period until it says "ready to fog" and I press the "manual" button. I hear that the pumps seems to be working (I hear the whirring) and the LCD displays "manual output". Now my problem is, NOTHING COMES OUT. What can the problem be? Which course of action should I take? This seems really odd that it stops working the day after. Any help is appreciated.
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    After 9 l you must take new fluid inside;-)
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    Same problem as above. I have changed the pump, the circut board, the photo sensor. It is getting the proper amount of voltage to the pump. The filter isn't clogged. It is turned on but the pump isn't pumping any fluid to the heating element. I can hear the pump working. I have changed these pumps before no problems. Until Now. HELP! I have tried everything I can think of.
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