Problems/Observations/Comments on v1.0.1

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I recently did a show using Hog 4 v1.0.1 using a Hog PC setup...included in this was the following:

"Main Console"
Dell Precision M6500
Windows 7 Ultimate
Nano Mode, 2 external screens enabled.
Hog3 Programming Wing
Hog3 Playback Wing
2 x 17" ELO Touch via Matrox DualHead2Go
1 x USB to VGA with attached 17" Monitor
Net Number: 2

"Spare Console"
Mac Mini
Nano Mode, no external screens enabled.
Windows XP Service Pack 3
Hog3 Programming Wing
1 x 17" ELO Touch
Net number: 1

Both were hooked into a gigabit switch to a DP8K. The DP8K had a timecode widget attached.

This is a list of observations and possible bugs I well as a few things that I was looking for a little bit of clarification on.

First Item:
When I initially connected the timecode widget, the timecode would not display. The widget would show it was seeing valid timecode, and the DP8K would show there was a timecode widget connected. Upon unplugging it, and plugging it back in, the timecode would display.

Second Item:
Is there a way to record the position of the timecode toolbar and playback bar in views? I had them each moved to different windows on the "Main" console and each time I booted the show, I would have to switch where they were placed. Also, whenever you re-start the program, the timecode toolbar will disappear until you ask to view timecode again. Is there a way to make this a per-show preference or setting so that each time the show loads, it will show the timecode toolbar(s) you want to see?

Third Item:
With this show, I use comment macros extensively to automate getting in and out of cuelists, enabling and disabling timecode, and choosing the masters as I switch lists. There are 2 new issues I saw when switching to Hog4.

A) All of the macros were programmed from the "Main" Console. When viewing them on the spare, I would notice that "h2" would be added after all of the 'Choose Master' macros. And thus, when it came time for that macro to fire, only the "Main" console actually would take that specific macro command. The "Spare" would sit in the same list, and it would fire any release list, go list, dis/enable timecode commands without a problem.

Also, in conjunction with this, I would notice that attempting to edit any of these comment macros on the spare console would sometimes not work, and would require it be done from the main console.

B) I only saw this happening on the main console, but occasionally the desktop crashed and disappeared when the comment macros were fired. I couldn't pinpoint it to a specific set of them, and it would happen randomly. Sometimes after being on for just a few minutes, or being on and running fine for hours.

I am more than happy to share a show file with HES if that helps...

Fourth Item:
Occasionally, I would have multiple lights latch "On" on my wing for: Position, Group, Beam, Color, Effect, etc...etc... I would be working in say "Beam", and then change to "Color" and both of the blue lights would stay on.

General Observation of Hog 4 (PC)
-When going to a view that changed all the screens, or more than a single window, sometimes there would be a 1 lag in the windows loading.
-Networking and show load time has improved greatly!
-Having timecode over the network came in handy...especially when the desktop crashed on the "Main" console in the middle of a timecoded song, and I had to have the "Spare" take over. It was a seamless transition.

I had a complete list written out, but I couldn't find it when I was writing this post, if I remember any other edits or problems I had, I'll be sure to add them here.

If there's any more info that would be useful in helping find a solution, let me know, and I am more than willing to try and re-produce it, or expand on what was happening.

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