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Hey all,
I have an Axon rack using a DVI matrix to send both CMA and Content to a number of monitors. I am having some trouble getting the CMA to boot up, or even show face on the monitor it should be on.

I know that the Axon wants to see a signal from a desk on start up however with out having access to the CMA I can not address the servers properly so that they can see the signal I am sending them. Tried DMX and ArtNet still no luck.
Any ideas or thoughts.
Mike Gio.


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    Actually what might be happening is that it is not sensing the DVI Matrix.

    If everything is hooked up and sending proper EDID, the CMA output will be on monitor 1 and the Content will be on monitor 2. However, if no EDID is present on Monitor 2, content will default to monitor 1 since it thinks you don't have anything hooked up.

    Now, depending on your DVI matrix, some of them (Extron and Gefen I believe) have a way to send EDID from the matrix so that it knows they are active. Just in case, I always use DVI Detectives or DVI Parrot's on EVERY DVI output so that it locks in.

    DVI Detective Plus
    DVI Parrot

    You don't have to have a console connected on startup.

    You can also hook up a laptop through a switch to the ethernet port and connect to the CMA that way if you need to.
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