Dealing with Kinds between 4 & 5 encoder consoles

Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta

I have been having a bit of play with how the Hog 4 handles Kinds created on a console with 4 encoders, and vice versa.

I expect this is quite a headache for the developers as to how best approach this. 5 into 4 does not go, and 4 into 5 leaves an empty wheel....

At the moment, the OS seems to be making some logical decisions to rearrange the Wheelsets, so that they best fit the changing number of wheels. This worked better than I feared it would. I thought it might just bump the 5th wheel down to the 1st wheel of the 2nd row but it's more sensible than that thankfully.

However, if you're like me and love the new Kinds because it gives you quick access to have attributes on the exact wheels you want them, then this doesn't really work, as although what the console does is sensible, it still mixes everything up when you move from one console to another.

Could some options be introduced to give more control to the operator if they wish?

For example, if the Kinds are created on a 4 wheel console, could there be an option to place a Blank field on an imaginary 5th wheel, so that if it's loaded onto a 5 wheel console, all the attributes stay exactly the same on the first 4 wheels, and the 5th wheel stays empty. This is important to me as although i'd waste the 5th wheel, everything would be in the same place I had got used to working with.

I won't go on and on with various suggestions....i'm sure you see where i'm coming from with this. It's more than likely I will replace my iPC with a model that has 4 wheels, and this is a key factor that concerns me. I'd just like to know I can jump from the Hog 4 to the other console and keep exactly the same layout if I decide I want that.

Your thoughts would be gratefully received....




  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited January 2013
    Hey Colin,

    as far as I have been told from developers the wheelsets for a 4 wheel and 5 wheel console will both be stored in the show file....

    So this would mean some redoing of the sets, but once done you are good when swoping between console-types
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