[Bug] Merging Into Position Pallettes, Partial UI Confirmation

Buzz313thBuzz313th Registered User
FB4, b321, No external Screens, Only keyboard as USB device

Merging fixture positions into Position Palettes show only partial programmer confirmation, but merge has completed.

1. Record a position palette
2. Grab fixtures and set pan tilt
3. Merge these fixture pos parameters into a Pos palette
4. After merge, programmer only shows a partial merge (Maybe one or two fixtures out of all of the fixtures show in the programmer the name of the pos palette)
5. Reselect the same fixtures you just did the merge with and select the pos palette and all the fixtures will show the merge is valid.

So the UI (programmer) is not indicating a complete merge, even though the merge did complete.

Not a big deal if you know this is gonna happen, but it does show an inconsistency between whats going on and what the desk is confirming. Could make people who are unaware, to do something twice when they don't have to.

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