[Question] Bad network Device Corrupt Show File FB4

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Had a instance where a broken wireless router caused a failed client connect between H4PC and FB4 (b321), which corrupted show file on server (FB4).

System state:

1. FB4 show server with 15 minutes of programming on it.
2. Wireless router on hognet
3. Laptop running PC4 connected wifi to router.
5. Network setup correct

Noticed when I launched H4PC on laptop/remote and at login screen the "Connect to show" button was flashing between "Connect to show" and "No show found". (In hindsight I realize now that it was due to an inconsistent and broken router) Tried connecting and after a minute or so, recieved "Hog Init Failure" message on the client. Tried once more, with same result. Disconnected router from Hognet and ran a few masters from the desk (Server). Lights on stage were blinking and the console went nuts.. (Every master I played started bouncing randomly between cues within the master. Release would not clear the board and basically I had lost any consistent control of the desk.)

Shut the console off and restarted into current show. Same thing...

Restarted console and loaded a backup of the show saved before I plugged in the router. Same thing...

Restarted console and created a new show... No problem at all.

Loaded up old corupt show just to double check and it went nuts again...

Deleted old show and any association to it from console and continued programming on new show... No problem...

At wrap, threw the router away.

Is there any chance that a failed network connection on a faulty network device could corrupt a show?

Is any network information saved to show files that could allow this to happen?




  • bsbjuicerbsbjuicer Registered User
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    Hi Jeff,

    I once had a PoE injector go bad (that was powering a wireless AP). The main show was fine, but any effects I ran were jumpy and jittery. It seemed to mess with the timing of the console (or at least the DMX output timing). The AP was in the next stage and nothing was even connected to it by WiFi. It happened with both super widgets and a DP8000 separately. So to me, the network devices can mess with console processes.

  • Buzz313thBuzz313th Registered User
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    Hey Brian,

    Thanks for the feedback.

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