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Just recieved my FB4 Friday. Sweet Desk, thanks HES.

Although,one touchscreen is brighter and has quite a bit more blue in it. It's not subtle, it's pretty noticable and doesn't quite look right. What can I do to adjust the monitors?

Also, When I opened the case, I didn't find any paperwork at all. No invoice, no waranty info, no HES systems notice of quality check like I normaly see on the other HES products. Only thing I recieved was the desk, deklights, dustcover and plastic bag with recovery stick and light converse. Is this normal?



  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
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    If you have a problem with the touchscreen please call support.
    There is no way for the end user to adjust the brightness setting of the monitor other than with in the H4 software.

    I can not speak on the invoice and waranty info but you should have gotten a QC check list sheet, desklights, dustcover, black and red usb sticks, power cord, and LC software and dongle.
    Sounds like only the QC sheet did not get put in the roadcase.
  • Buzz313thBuzz313th Registered User
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    Michael, Thanks for the reply.

    No, I did not get a QC Checklist, but did get everything else.

    I spoke with Mitch Regarding the color and brightness difference in the monitors and he said that I could send it in. I also spoke with him regarding a small problem where if the USB stick is nudged to one side it loses connection quite easily. Either way, the solution was just to send it in. The console has been quite busy on jobs and to send it in now durring this busy time would be a loss. I just wanted to make sure that the two items can be fixed when I do send it in, in the near future.

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