Hog4/v 1.0.1 unblind editor bug

sjaumesjaume Registered User

Bug report : suddently Jump of a effect parameter value when unblind editor.

Simple example :

1 fixture patched : VL 3500 / ID 101

list1 cue1 :
- 101@full
- effect : Pan sine/2bpm/size 100

Go the list 1 cue 1 and open Output window.

We can see on the output winbdow, the pan values increasing and decreasing from -100° to 100 ° and 100° to -100 °........that is all right.

Keep the output window open

choose the list 1

press cue,cue to open the list 1 cue 1 editor

The editor window appears in blind mode ....Ok

do not change any value

See the output pan values and press "Blind" to unblind the editor

when can see that the pan values suddently jump to another value, before continuing its cycle .

Best regards

Sébastien ( France )
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