spandex as a screen

bryandodbryandod Registered User
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I an interested in using stretched spandex to create screens around the venue to use as a backdrop for the DL1. Spandex works for both front and rear projection.


  • timgrivastimgrivas Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Spandex works pretty good for front projection but the gain is not as high as a Matte white projection screen. I have been using Transformits ( gear and I am please with the 3D shapes to project on. I did some tests with spandex rear projection and it does ok.
    Another material that has an extremely high gain is PVC drape from Garrietts international ( For large back drops this works great. This material must have a 2” pipe pocket along the bottom and must me weighted for several hours to get the wrinkles to fall out.
    More recently I have been Using custom Roll drop screen and controlling them using the Doug Fleenor ( switch box via DMX. I get individual control of the screens. (model number DMX6REL15A/30A)

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