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How Many fog machines do you need to make the aerial displays visible in a small venue (1000 person capacity)?
What kind of fog is best for this purpose? I know that some types of fog are bad for projectors.


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    Fog is a vital part of Aerial Beam Effects. Some fog machines are oil base and some are water base. I would not recommend an oil base fogger if you are using a projector that does not have special filtering and even then the oil will get into your system and cause problems. ... BUT a one-off show may be ok.

    The F-100 is a water base machine and is a great choice for many reasons.
    1. It is a DMX controlled device so you can not use fog at important projection moments during the show and then trigger a variable output to the f-100 to assist with the aerial beam effects portion of your show.
    2. There are two types of fluid for the F-100 and I recommend the Stage Formula. This fluid is scientifically designed to have small particle in the air and long hang times. This is best when achieving the perfect level of interference in your space or stage area.
    3. The F-100 Stage formula was specifically tested with the DL-1 product so we know the filtering system works well with that combination.

    When it comes to projectors and Fog you want to choose a projector that not only meets your needs but also has super special air filtering. This decreases your maintenance costs, keeps your projector bright. The DL-1 monitors it’s filter intake and notifies you when it needs to be changed.

    What is the correct about of fog? There is a small window of perfect smoke that not only gives you good visibility to your projected image but also gives you good fog levels for beam effects. I recommend that you maintain a good thin level of fog and when the big beam effect sections come up in the show you have already primed the room so you only need to add a little more fog to achieve the ultimate level.

    Dead FOG: Dead fog is bad. If there is no circulation in the room then your fog will settle in layers and not distribute evenly. I recommend your air condition systems to be active as well as fans for each f-100. I used 4 f-100s and 4 fans to get quick distribution in 3 sec at LDI 2003. The fans for the F-100 should be DMX controllable. If you are set up properly it should only take you 5 sec. To get the room to an optimum level for beam effects. That would be a gentle blast at about 25-30% DMX value. The entire room does not need to be brought to the beam effects level but more importantly the main viewing area.

    Tim Grivas
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