Studio Spot 575 UPLD

Fakie360shoveitsFakie360shoveits Registered User
edited December 2012 in HES Automated Lighting
I have 2 Spot 575 giving me a "UPLD" message and wont respond to my consoles or fixture menu. the first one went down last week mid-show. So, on tech day (today), I decided to update the firmware in all 12 of my fixtures. Another fixture went down in the middle of the firmware upload. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you in advance


  • TheoTheo Registered User
    I have the same problems.
    also some technobeams start badly.
    I suspect that the flash EPROM which have a lifespan of 20 years to give up.
    I want to replace it whatsoever
    who has a geprogameerde 29F040 for the technobeam and the studiospot 575 ?
    a file of the EPROM may also
    greetings Theo
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