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MichaelMaxMichaelMax Registered User
My Hog4pc crashes when I choose a canned effect and try to manually edit it in the effects engine. Does not crash when I start from scratch in my effects engine. This has been consistent with both releases of software v1.

Anyone else run into this?


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited December 2012
    Hello, I just patched 6 Intellaspots in Hog 4 PC build 321 which is in Nano mode, and am not seeing the problem. I select the 6 fixtures and applied Effects to Intensity-Fader, Pan and TIlt-Circle, and CMY-Rainbow and recorded it as a cue and the program seems to be running as expected.

    Are you using a show from Hog 3? If yes try a new show, you may try a new show as a test anyway. If the problem continues gives us more details about the PC and key strokes you are using and maybe we can reproduce the problem.
  • MichaelMaxMichaelMax Registered User
    edited December 2012
    Hi Again, I am still having problems, so I'll be more specific:
    I have 4 Mac 250 Entour's, 2 Mac 250 Krypton's, and 6 mac 101's patched into my show (I have found this to be a problem with many different shows).
    Control: Hog 4pc on a 2012 Mac Mini (boot camp), h3 playback and program wings, and a new style black super widget, 1 touchscreen (sometimes 2). Running Nano Mode.

    It seems to happen after creating several effects in program mode, and then trying to manually change something in the effects engine (spreadsheet). When whatever triggers this happens, Hog4 windows all close, and when I try to restart i get the error message: there is already another instance of hog4pc running on this computer.

    My only fix has been to log off current windows (7) user, and resign in/restart---I typically reopen with minimal lost data (maybe the last few commands).

    Hope this helps---Crash is consistent when creating an effect with all 6 250s---
  • MichaelMaxMichaelMax Registered User
    edited December 2012
    I think I have narrowed it down trying to modify any box with the value of "default"
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    edited December 2012

    Please send me your show file and I will take a look. I have not been able to recreate this problem with a new show or an older show.

    Is the show you are having problems with created in H3?


  • MichaelMaxMichaelMax Registered User
    edited December 2012
    Thanks Michael--I have sent you the file.
    I am still getting it to crash rather consistently when doing the following things:
    1>6 full
    Effect effect
    focus on spreadsheet, change one of the parameters to any setting (lets say tangent), arrow over to path, hit set and crash---every time.
    Show was created from scratch in H4.
    Hope this helps,
  • MichaelMaxMichaelMax Registered User
    edited December 2012
    Crash update: I have been able to isolate the problem to specifically my mac mini---I have not been encountering this issue when I am running h4 on my macbook pro--I have the same version of windows on both, and all settings seem to match---any ideas?
  • MichaelMaxMichaelMax Registered User
    edited January 2013
    Hi again---
    I have further isolated the cause of this issue. If I start h4 with no touch (USB disconnected) and plug USB cables in after I open my show, they will respond correctly. If they are set up when I open h4, then the software crashes without fail as soon as I try to change the path on effect. My guess is this is a trifecta conflicts between windows, my touchscreens (i want to say dell 2220 without having it nearby), and h4--guessing changing path starts a new process that windows is struggling with....did a show with my workaround this weekend, and I was able to use Both touchscreens without trouble--i did find things to get really slow at one point (20-30 second delay on a command/trigger)---and then I lost complete show control (h4 didn't crash, but froze)--thought maybe someone hit my line to opto splitter, so I changed dmx cables (u1 on a new super widget) and had same issue---had to repatch entire show to U2 to get things working again--more on that when I have time to do a full test.
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