How does one get into the biz?

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    You get the FEVER !
    Posting in a forum is awsome
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    Ahh, I am feeling the same thing. I am the one that requested that there be a forum set up on here that allowes for conversations that will help proactive teens and young adults learn the steps that are needed to suceed. I am fighting also on the strugle to break into the buisness. I have had a few breaks but I could always use more. I am stage manager of an amphitheatre and I am conciderd the one in charge. However the whole system is volenteer and they can't afford a paying position. However I have eatin dinner with Joan Biaz, Rossanne Cash and many others. Its fun and I have learned alot about running major shows. The dinamics of it is crazy. However it is still in a small town on a realitivally small scale. I need also to know were to contact to get seen. Were to post my resume and who to talk with to let people see that I do have value even at a younger age. Thanks a TON.

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    By posting in a forum you are in essence "in the biz".
    Every breath you take will be "in the biz".
    Its a personal journey of education.
    Day after day, week after week,year after year....
    Sure you can apply for jobs ,but the real job is what do you have to offer to the world.Educate yourself, continue to educate and then educate again.The first "gigs" are like kindergarden.Keep
    studying, testing ,and "going to class" and you continue to grow.
    For example ,rigging= disipline , if you dont
    committ to it fully then someone else dies.Like a doctor!A student should not do a tripple bypass with brain transplant as a first "project".What is it specifically that stirs inside you?
    Payment is not paid in paper money for your efforts.
    Dedication to the people in the industry is how to get in,constant education and focus is how to stay in.
    biz=lifestyle through occupation AND education
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