G300 "issues"

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Hello all! So this is sort of a wonky problem we're having with our G300 foggers. At first, they would only work in one of the three cues we use them in for our show. We did a little comparing of the outputs in the "view cue" view and discovered that in the two "non working" cues the DMX address was at zero. So..we matched up the two "non working" cues to the working cue. Now all three cues have the same DMX address and all three work. Now...however...we aren't able to bring up the foggers manually. The DMX interface on the foggers themselves say they are at full(031) but nothing else happens...no smoke or anything. If we run them in the cue..they work fine. Seems to me that maybe the console isn't associating the DMX address(255) with the fixture address(456)? I'm sort the "MacGyver" of our room but I'm primarily a sound guy and am not terrible familiar with our console. The lightboard op knows pretty much just how to run the show and program...but isn't all that hip on anything past that. Oh, and we have the Hog3...not sure what software version though. Anyone else ever have this issue? Or know what would be causing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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