Hog Full Boar 4 issues

JTLX12JTLX12 Registered User
Hey Guys,
my company has just received our Full boar 4.
The console is running v1.0.0 (b304).
I've looked on Hog 4 Software downloads page and it says latest version is v.1.0.1 build 321 but the console upgrade link is not accesible. Can anyone help?

I'm also having problems trying to open the new quick palette buttons.. When i was at LDI all i had to do was hold down the "open" button and press one of the quick palette buttons and a window would come up on the screen showing me what i could assign to the button, at the moment i have no operation of these buttons at all... can someone please help?

Cheers JT


  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited December 2012
    There is probably not yet update, you must use Console Full System Restore.

    You can't open user kinds key it is empty, you must create one before it can be opened.
  • JTLX12JTLX12 Registered User
    edited December 2012
    Thanks Mate, i have done a full system restore and now have v1.0.1 build 321

    also with the kinds keys i just opened the kinds window and went auto kinds and it all popped up.

    thanks for your help
  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited December 2012
    You should also be able to use record + any cell (over 7) in Kinds Directory window to create a new User Kinds. After you can use Open + cell or Open + button and modify it.
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