Trackspots stuck in Inititalize

justinstaszewskijustinstaszewski Registered User
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Bought a bunch of these used. 3 of the 8 are fine, but 2 will only boot up and operate when upside down (yoke down). As soon as I flip them over they reet and wil not boot up. I went through both and nothing appears to be loose. The other 3 simply fail to boot up and lamp on. I've tried swapping chips and whatnot to no avail. The most annoying part is that just a few weeks ago all but 1 unit were working fine and all of a sudden I just started having them go down one by one. Can anyone help? Is there any place to just SEND these things to get repaired rather than having to pull my hair out doing them myself?



  • AtlantaDJAtlantaDJ Registered User
    edited January 2013
    Chris, Can you post here so that we can all learn!

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