AXON system restore issue

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I've completely lost HDD on my AXON SDI (s/n 76CF4808003, 80590100 Rev.)

Does anybody have an idea how to properely prepare a new HDD (partitions, formatting, lettering e.t.c.) for system restoring (original HDD died comletely) ?

2 days spent to diff. combinations (I used all 3 versions of restore images available), butting from burned DVD anf flash... but with the same result:
after booting fron system resore drive (DVD or Flash):
- green message: restore completed successfully, rebooting after 15 sec...
- blue screen after rebooting, resealing in progress...
- to load user profile(It's unerstandable - it is a new HDD!)
- error: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value

-Message: AxonSetCursor.exe - (Comm. Lang. Runtime Debug. Serv.) says:
App. has gener. an exeption that couldn't be handeled. Proc. ID=0x6b4 (1716), Thread id=0x6b8 (1720) OK to terminate...

-blue screen with mouse pointer... forever.

Task manager shows, that running only KeyboardHook application, and processes liste below:
-svhost (4 ps.)
System Idle Process

regedit shows, that HKEY_LOCAL_MASHINE/Software/Highend key IS UNavailable (Cannot open: Error while opening key)


I have a couple of DL-3 working, so I made Acronis images of DL-3 HDD, but after restoring those images, AXON server didn't start too (systems are diferent)
If anyone have some usefull suggestions, please answer - my Christmas party on fire...


  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Alexey,

    There is no supported way for a user to completely set up a new hard drive from scratch. Due to the way the software is set up, as well as the fact that we cannot freely distribute the 20GB or so of stock content that is included on the drives, the only option is to purchase an already imaged drive from High End Systems.

    Please contact our support department at +1.512.836.2242 for assistance with purchasing a new drive.

    Best regards,
  • alloAlexalloAlex Registered User
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    OK. but the only thing I need to know - why system restore didn't work?
    I have 2 DL-3s and no more stock content needed. I only need to restore system - exact what the rescue disk should do...
    I have completed show - Collage (2 DL-3) + big projector, driving by Axon SDI (sinc, mask e.t.c.) - and now I lost the part of it (((
    For my complete rescue I need not more than 100Mb of system files for now!
    Stock I will restore after Xmas, with the help of my dealer in Moscow - we made an agreement.
    OK, 2 persons from support team gave the same advice - just purchase a pre-formatted HDD.
    Thanks to all and happy Xmas! :notworthy:
  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Alexey,

    The DL and Axon drives are set up with two partitions. One is a protected operating system partition that contains the Windows Embedded OS along with the DL graphics engine software. The other partition is Content partition where all video content is stored. This partition also does have a limited number of runtime files.

    The system restore discs only re-image the operating system partition leaving the content partition untouched. If the the content partition does not exist, as in the case of a brand new, blank hard drive, the system restore disc will not create it, and the system will not function.

    Also, in regards to running a DL system restore disc on an imaged Axon hard drive, this is not supported nor does it actually work. The two systems and their software set-ups are different enough that we can not allow for swapping drives between DLs and Axons, even with a restore.

    Best Regards,
  • alloAlexalloAlex Registered User
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    Thanks. The situation is completely clear now.
    That's why restore couldn't finish properly...
    And again, thank you for support.
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