Can I upgrade my hog 3 pc widget?

Timothy BurkeTimothy Burke Registered User
Hi guys,

I'm trying to find out if I can upgrade my hog3 PC widget. If so, do I need to upgrade the firmware or will the new software just work with it? And is there any costs in doing this? I was able to find that my playback wings will still work so that makes me happy. Also I have been running on windows xp. I saw hog 4 will work with that still as well as windows 7. Anyone see a difference on hog 4 performance on either platform?


  • Buzz313thBuzz313th Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited December 2012
    My old Hog 3 widget (Blue Anodized) works great with H4. The only upgrading I needed to do, was when HES released H3PC from H2PC.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    edited December 2012
    Timothy Burke;64033 said:
    I'm trying to find out if I can upgrade my hog3 PC widget.
    If your widget works with H3PC, then it will work with H4PC with no upgrade required!
  • SotzremSotzrem Registered User
    edited December 2012
    Thanks for the info on the Hog DMX super widget, I own the new version (Black) glad no firmware updates are need. After I'm done my shows for the holidays I'm upgrading to Hog 4 PC :)
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