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Hello, this will be my first time using sACN output on my network and something in the manual has alarmed me.

""It is recommended that you do not combine HogNet and sACN within the same network. This can produce network errors and unreliable data."

This is how I planned to set up my network and I would be grateful if anyone could let me know if I will run into trouble.

Hog 4 console -
Hog 4 PC -
DP8000 -
WiFi Router -
All connected via ethernet switch with HogNet.

Then, the Hog 4 will output sACN through the FixtureNet port to input A of an A/B backup switch.

The DP8000 (different number) will output a cloned patch through its FixtureNet port to input B of the A/B backup switch.

The A/B backup switch will then output the sACN to the ETC nodes etc (I am not familiar with the venue ETC setup).

So here I guess I am combining HogNet and sACN which the manual says don't do, but how else could I do this with the equipment I have?

Also, does sACN broadcast on a specific IP in the way ArtNet does?

Any advice gratefully received thankyou.


  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
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    I always keep an interval of 10 my between IP addresses
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    No you dont combine it
    You use the same adress-range on two physical different networks, thats what you do.
    Hognet runs on your wifi-Router with switch/hub.

    sACN only goes to your A/B switch. No physical connection of the 2 networks
    Remember that you might need to change your sACN IP-settings according to the ETC Network-Setup in the theater.
    But only those. DPs and Consoles can stay.

    And dont forget to setup an IP-Adress in the fixture-link section of the DP-8000
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