Where to Purchase Lamps?

daniel_pdaniel_p Registered User
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I'm looking for a reputable site that sells lamps for 250 Studio Spots, Martin 250 Krypton, Marton 700 Profile

The 250's take:
Philips MSD 250/2

the 700:
OSRAM HTI 700/wd4/75

I found this site:

Just wanted to know if there were any others that I should look at.

Help appreciated!


  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
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    I tend to find that Kennedy Webster Electric in Chicago stocks most all GE and Phillips lamps, and they have the best prices I have seen . . . . Most want $190 to $220 for an MSR700/SA, and KW asks $164 or so . . . Fast ship too, typically same day.

    - Tim
  • litedorklitedork Registered User
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    www.lightparts.com sells lamps at pretty good prices, from what I understand...


    Robert Mokry
    LightParts Inc.
  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
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    Kennedy-Webster seems to typically be at least $30 to $40 a unit below LightParts for Phillips . . . sorry Robert . . . you are pretty good as far as theatrical suppliers go, but some of the big electrical houses that also carry Phillips, GE, etc. do a whole lot better, and still have quick service . . .

    - Tim
  • AtlantaDJAtlantaDJ Registered User
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    This site seems to have good pricing on the Philips 250 MSD/2, although I have not purchased from them yet!

  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
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    The wording and price makes it certain that these are Chinese ripoffs and not actual Phillips lamps . . . read the last line in 'detailed specs' where the state mfg. names are for cross reference purposes only . . .

    - Tim
  • whitleyrichardwhitleyrichard Registered User
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    i bought a cheap 250 bulb back in december for like 35 bucks to try in one of my studio spots.. its been great so far so i ordered 4 more.. if i can find the info of the site ill post it asap
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