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Is there any foresight into any potential future in a pixel mapping engine in any capacity? I LOVE Hog but That is the one tool that has outgrown the hog platform and makes heavy LED programming so much faster than dealing with tricky fixture selections and interesting offsets. Hopefully the new hardware upgrades have made the console more capable of handling that type of processing heavy system.


  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
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    Seen on an other thread :
    Media/CITP will come in V2.
    True Hog Ipad/Iphone app (dont have a time) BUT OSC works really well and you can customize the interface.
    Pixel mapping will be part of the V3 release. This will also include the FX engine rework.

    As others have said our current plan is to release V2 around Summer time.

    Hope this help
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Everbody talks about Pixelmapping... But most of this is only matrix-stuff. So we rather need some more tools in the selection of fixtures, and the rework of the efx-engine.
    Real pixelmapping should be done with a mediaserver, cause then you can playback everthing you like.
    Also in multi-node-systems this isn´t such an easy task (I think), cause the consoles are only the controllers who tell the DPs what to do, all calculations, fades etc are then done in the DPs.
    So if you try to playback a movie, you must first load that movie to the corresponding DP(s) which means heavy network traffic, need for storage in the node,.....
    This is a "problem" in all systems with nodes, not a HOG-system related.
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    My understanding of the plan for pixel mapping capabilities, is that the desk will play video files across your matrix layout, not just manipulating a still image across it as with many other systems.

    There is an e-SATA port on the back of the full H4 to facilitate loading or playing back video files from an external drive at higher speed than USB will allow.

    Also there was a software release just last week for the DL/AXON line that implements CITP protocol in those units.....it was a bit overshadowed by the H4PC software release though, so I don't think many people noticed.

    Hopefully this is an indicator that they are not far away from implementing this on the Hog-4 line as well.
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