V.1.0.0 b304 - Bugs Thread

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...The "Hog 4 v1.0.0 Software" forum doesn't allow new threads, so I'm putting this here. Can a mod move it?

I have found a couple bugs/unexpected behaviors that I figured I would bring to peoples attention. (Is there somewhere else to submit bug reports?)
[*]While patching, in the Fixture Schedule, if you add fixtures to the schedule, then click "Select Library" then "OK" in the window that opens, the fixtures you added to the schedule will be cleared.
Expected behavior: If nothing has changed in the "Select Library" window, either don't clear the Fixture Schedule changes, OR alert the user to clearing of changes to the Fixture Schedule.

[*]While patching, in the Fixture Schedule, if you add a single fixture type and leave your cursor in the "Count" column, the "OK" field will be greyed out and un-clickable. User must select another field before the "OK" field is clickable.
Expected behavior: User should be able to go directly from entering a number to clicking "OK".

[*]While patching, in the Fixture Schedule, if you add multiple fixture types to the schedule and leave your cursor in the "Count" column of the last fixture you added, upon clicking "OK" the fixture you left your cursor in will not be added/updated. (I expect this is directly related to my #2 above.)
Expected behavior: Fixture is added/updated according to users input.

Unexpected Behavior (Not bugs):
  • While patching, in the Fixture Schedule, "Generic" fixtures are grouped with the other "G" entries, making a common item hard to find.
    Expected behavior: Force "Generic" entry to the top of the list.

That's what I found in a couple minutes of playing with the offline software. Nothing too major - just minor annoyances once you figure them out. Looks great otherwise!
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