Default Palette Naming

Playdoe9Playdoe9 Registered User

Is it possible to have what all the code word definitions appear right on the Default Naming page?

I tried to look it up in the manual what the codes mean and in the index, there is no entry for "Default Naming," "User Preferences->Default Naming," "Naming"

I pulled up the PDF and searched the manual and found it eventually.
(side note: how do I search the manual from the console?)

Also, is there an code that I can put in to have a group display the channel number if there is only one channel recorded?

Like "%c" for group
with Channel 375 recorded
would produce label "375"

For groups that are recorded with more than one channel, it would just default to another group name.

So I could see this implemented as

Group: enter codes
Group Single Channel: enter codes



  • xp677xp677 Registered User
    edited November 2012
    There's plenty of unused space in the Default Naming window, it would be cool to have a list of descriptions for the options, even though most of them are self-explanatory.
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