I hope everyone enjoys H4 OS ! How many people ordered new hardware! and what would you like to see in the new OS?


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    Uh, Hog-4 is *NOT* an OS . . . Linux is the OS - Hog-4 is an application atop of Linux . . . much in the same way that Roadhog-3 was an application atop Windows . . . they may not market it that way, but that *IS* the truth of the situation . . . Hog-? should really be thought of as all the components that run the console - no matter what they actually are . . .

    I am certain, however, that your question is more of one of features and such . . . so forgive the nitpick, but to some of us, it is significant . . .

    - Tim
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    You are correct, I worded it poorly. Hog 4 Software*
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    Hi Ross,

    When you say "USB Dongle4," are you referring to the USB DMX Widgets Uper and Single?

    Just for a little clarification, All peripherals for Hog 3 platforms will function
    with Hog 4 hardware- DP8000, Widgets, RoadHog and Hog 3 Playback and Programming Wings, and Expansion Wing.

    Hope this helps,
  • SHOWGUNSHOWGUN Registered User
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    I'm referring to the newer (Non-Blue) Widgets. Just to clarify I said they were the hog 4 widgets because they match in color. :)
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    Should add that fabulous new black DP8000 to the poll. Just got one!
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