Technobeam Will Not Turn On, LCD all on?

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I have 4 Technobeams and I used them the other night for a gig with no issues. After I got home one of them will not turn on. I plug it in and the LCD screen Has 4 0's with astrix in them, basically all segments of the LCD are lit. The motors will not engage and the buttons do nothing it just sits there with the fans running. Anyone have any ideas before i take it in for a costly diagnosis from the local light shop? Is there a reset that does not need the LCD screen to happen?


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    I had two like that come through here about a year ago . . . Firmware was fine, what had happened is that the two chip resistors in the processor clock has gone so far out of spec that the processor would not start. I changes all caps and resistors in the processor clock, and both have been running perfectly for over a year. Unfortunately, they globbed these over with a silicone coating, making the work a pain, but not undoable. Ironically, one started to work after taking the coating off (parts were still out of spec though) making me think that they had a batch of silicone that damages the components over time. Chip resistors generally don't drive 2x to 3x in value, as these had . . . (IE 200 to 300 *percent* on a 5% rated part . . . ).

    - Tim
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