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whitleyrichardwhitleyrichard Registered User, Hog Beta
I had a little problem this past saturday.. i started my laptop up like normal, widget already connected, started hog 3pc and the only light on the widget that was on was the "link".. sooo i went to see what the deal was and it said my widget needed to be upgraded.. i kind of freaked out because i bought it and it had been upgraded by the previous owner.. anyway took a shot and restarted my laptop.. booted everything back up and everything worked like normal... is this something i should worry about?? :dunce:


  • Playdoe9Playdoe9 Registered User
    edited October 2012
    No. It is good that it happened now so that you know exactly what to do if this happens in the future. It happens to me about two times a years. Randomly.
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