HIS system with +white and + amber

Kenneth BellKenneth Bell Registered User
Could someone help me understand how the hog deals with a fixture that is RGBW or RGBWA? If i select Amber on the color picker dose it bring up the intensity of the amber portion of the LED in the fixture? Or because the HIS system works independent do I just need to dial in the Amber manually?


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    The Hog's HS system only uses Red, Green, and Blue for additive fixtures, it makes no attempt to add in additional primary colors. If you want to use the other color components, you'll need to control the fixture using component intensities directly.

    Alternately, some fixtures provide a native HS or HSI control mode. For example, the ETC Selador fixtures have an HSI mode where each fixture is individually calibrated to produce similar colors for the same HSI values. Native HS control will sometimes give you the best colors, but can result in...interesting...crossfades that may be objectionable if you're used to CMY fades.
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