Intellibeam 700HX lamp issue

dabouncerdabouncer Registered User
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I have 3 intellibeam 700hx units that I recently replaced all their bulbs. Since then, they will start up fine, the lamp will strike and remain on for about 2-4 minutes then turn off. The yellow led indicator lamp will begin to flash while the green and red are solid and they will not re-strike even 15 later. Any ideas on this?


  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
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    First, an I-Beam will not restrike itself - you have to do it.Regarding lamping off, is the voltage set correctly? Fan running? What lamps cid you use -Phillips MSR700/2 or? Input voltge in range? Do you still have powerto the lamp when this happens? And have you checkedthe power factor caps?

    That's about all there is in the lamp circuit of an I-Beam. . .

    Oh, and I assumethey are getting valid DMX when this happens?

    - Tim
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