Fixture Request // Extreme Beam 230w

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Hey guys,

Operating at a festival on the weekend and they have some odd fixtures in the rig...

They are labelled ' EXTREME BEAM 230w'. The supplier has yet to get back to me on the exact details so I thought I would see if the minds trust here has any info...

From what I can find on google they appear to be a Sharpy copy. The name would lead you to this conclusion too. Has anyone encountered these things before? If so, do they work with the generic Sharpy fixture library?

If not, how could I get a fixture library from someone by the weekend without having any info on these things....?

Any thoughts/info would be much appreciated.



  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Without any info it will be tough. You can hope it really is a Sharpy clone and uses the Sharpy library. Without any channel information it is not possible to create a library. You may want to read about the Fixture Builder in the Hog 3 manual and when you get the fixtures and can figure out the channel layout, you may be able create a library that will get you through the show.
    You may be able to find something on the fixture manufacturer's web site.
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    A bit of googling tells me that it's the "Conic KL-EB230", which does look exactly like a Sharpy. Their website is 'under construction', but they do have an email link on their website which may help:

    For pre-programming, I'd use a Sharpy personality, then you can always use the fixture builder to make a new fixture based on the Sharpy if the channels aren't in the correct order, or if the ranges are messed up, on the EXTREME BEAM.
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    wow this is a old 4 year old post... I have the sharpy beam 230w 7R china made.. I rented a hog 4 $480 now Iam out $480 and me concert is on sat 12-17-2016... some one please tell me they got this light working on a hog 4
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