Need a controller for some older lights

M4rk23M4rk23 Registered User
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Hi I have picked up some old but working Trackspots QT and need a good cheap solution to control them. I found this on ebay and I think it will work from some things I've read.

Here's the controller.

I also have some Dataflash AF1000 strobes that need a controller.

Besides the matching lightwave research controllers what other options would there be? If that Intellabeam will work for the trackspots I'll likely give it a try as it's cheap and I don't have much to spend. The strobes will likely sit untill I can afford or find the appropriate controller but it would be nice to know what I should be on the lookout for.

Thanks -Mark


  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
    edited October 2012
    Either should run dmx if the firmware is current.

    - Tim
  • M4rk23M4rk23 Registered User
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    Thanks. I found in the manual .pdf the intellabeam is compatible so I shall find out soon.
  • AtlantaDJAtlantaDJ Registered User
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    Use a software based controller and you should be able to controll all your dmx lights!
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