DP8K start up problem

Rutger HarmsenRutger Harmsen Registered User
DP8K start up problem

One of the DP8K’s we use in a rental situation will not longer start up.
When I only connect the power, the display shows the Dmx Processor 8000 logo.
And on the bottom of the screen: I/O FW v3.02 Start up
After 5 sec : I/O FW v3.02 Ready
After 15 sec the fans run on top speed.

The DP8K stay’s in this screen for over 60 minutes

I think the DP8K had software version 3.2.3 on it. (maybe the customer ganged it)
So maybe a software problem so I’m trying to re-install the software.
I’m trying to update the DP8K via USB and forcing software by Roadhog Fullboar.
However the display indicates the first step of a update(only by forcing) it would not proceed the update.

Can someone help me out?


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