Daily Community Digests are available - subscribe for free today to get community posts via email

reaganreagan Registered User, HES Alumni
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The daily subscription feature is now enabled for community members -- you can specify topics and recieve digests of new posts via automatic daily email.

When logged in, click on "My Home" in the menu. On the My Home page, scroll down and to the right of "Subscribe / Unsubscribe from receiving forum posts by email, change message notifications, etc." click on the "Edit" link. Scroll down again to see your subscription preferences and click on the "S" button for each topic you want to subscribe to, followed by a click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

Then, only when there are new posts in your subscribed topic, you will get an email digest showing the content of the new post(s). Unsubscribe simply by clicking on the "U" next to a topic.
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