Active Show Server has failed

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HI, long time listener, first time caller......

I am running hog 3 software version on an IPC.
About 3 weeks ago I began getting this "Crash" message:
The active show server -1-00d0c9b6b93d has failed
No back up server has been detected.

This locks up console, no touch screen and no cue action. Requires a restart.

Installed latest version of software (3.2.5) as suggested by High End.
Next going to make a new show file.

Has anyone ever had this problem?


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    Have you tried pressing Pig-Open-Backspace to see if all of the processes are running when this occurs?

    When you say "no touch screen", what exactly do you mean? Does the mouse pointer move to where you touched? Can you use the touchscreen to press "OK" to the Show Server message?

    The Show Server message is telling you that the user interface has been unable to talk to the Show Server for too long. Normally this happens when a server running on another machine gets unplugged or the network is interrupted. It's also possible to see it occur on a single console (non networked system) if there is something happening in the background that doesn't give the Show Server enough CPU time, or if the Show Server encounters serious database corruption.

    *But*: None of these would prevent your touchscreen from working. At a minimum, you should see the mouse pointer move to where you touched. If that's not happening, then you likely have a more serious underlying issue, such as OS corruption or a hardware issue.
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    I have not tried the open pig yet. I will next time it locks up.

    The no touch screen is more of a long delayed action. It would highlight the soft key but would not react for a long time (I didn't time it but longer than 15 seconds).

    Our IPC is not on any regular network. It and the Expression 2x are getting their cues from Show Control software running on a PC. What should normally be running in the background?

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    Under rare conditions, if you have lots of cues and tons of effects going simultaneously it may get busy enough for the server to time out, or if you make a large selection and spin a bunch of encoders. Does it happen at the same time in the show every time, or when you Show Control System is sending a burst of activity?
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    We have a burst of cues at certain times but it has been the same show and amount of cues all season. It has happened at random times and only once during the show, all other times have been during preshow channel check. I deselected the "DHCP Server" and "Boot Server" on the control panel and have not had the network crash from before but yesterday lost control of the "Intensity" thru "fixture" hard keys (two rows of four keys). And today the fixtures woke up in them wrong color. Both instances I had to reboot to fix problem.
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    You mention the DHCP and Boot Servers. Is the console on a network? Is your show control system connected via the network, or with MIDI? What else is on the network?

    When you couldn't use the kind keys (Intensity through Fixture), did other keys work? Could you change choose keys?
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    Not on a network. Midi. Starts with Show Control to Expression 2x to IPC. Opened in April and have had the same show (give or take a couple of cues) since and only started having this problem when we came back from a month long break in Sept.

    I did not try all the keys but had all of touch screen and number pad. I could select the fixtures but could not move, fade (with the wheel), or change gobos on them.
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