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I have been trying to figure out this out for a while, and finally decided to ask the forum. Let's say I am doing a show with a media server that is pixel mapping 100 LEDs, and am using a DP-8000. Can the media server send the dmx info through artnet back to the DP-8000 and then control the LEDs that way? Or, do I need to have a separate DMX out from the Media Server?


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited October 2012
    The Hog-3 does not have any pixel mapping built in, and it also cannot receive ArtNet or DMX inputs.

    When using DMX or ArtNet controlled fixtures with a Hog-3 desk you must choose which device you want to control the LEDs. (Unless you want to do a DMX Merge between console and media server/pixel mapper)

    Typically you have the console controlling the media server (via ArtNet or DMX). Then the media server uses either its' own internal pixel mapping function or sends video signal to another pixel mapping device. The signal then goes out to your fixtures.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • chadlchadl Registered User
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    Okay, so the DP8k can only receive output data from a Hog. What do most people use to output DMX from their media-servers then? None, of the LEDs or fixtures I use have artnet inputs, only dmx.
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