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Can hog output ETCnet directly from the console or a DP? I'm going in a venue that has a Congo (which I hate), and I'm trying to avoid using that console. They don't have a node that allows me to input DMX into it.



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    It will depend on whether they are running in ETCNet2 mode or Net3 mode (I believe the Congo supports both).

    If the venue has Net3 gateways, then you can use them directly with the Hog. The Net3 gateways can accept sACN (E1.31) from a Full Boar or DP8000. You'll need to ensure that the Net3 gateways are running in Net3 mode (not setup for backwards compatibility with ETCNet2) and that they are running relatively recent firmware.

    If they have the older ETCNet2 nodes, then you can't connect them directly to the Hog. In that case you'd need ETCNet2 input nodes to convert DMX from the Hog to ETCnet2.

    There are several large venues that use Hog console sending sACN (E1.31) data to Net3 distrubution systems, and it works very well.
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    Thanks Eric
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